• Follow resellers’ price developments compliance with your recommended sale prices

• Develop your brand image with consistent prices in your distribution network

• Advise your resellers in order to create a price level allowing each party to create value

Business intelligence dashboard

• Detect price drops and aggressive sales

• Analyze the competitiveness of yout products up against competing brands’ products

Pricing policy

The pricing policy in the distribution network is a fundamental element of brands’ economic balance.
The “Price Observatory for brands” service automatically analyzes the prices of your resellers on a daily basis.
The algorithms and the interface of Price Observatory help you identify those who stock your products.

Market follow-up with price monitoring

With our efficient techniques for product comparison by matching by several criteria, you follow price changes in order to better advise your resellers.
“Price Observatory for brands” allows you to quickly follow developments in your market and to adapt your pricing strategy.
Thanks to alerts, develop your distribution network, sell better and optimize the clients’ perceived value.

We like complex projects and can support you in specific needs with our customized offering:
Price Observatory On Demand
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Follow your distribution network

Key features

Online price watch Analysis of e-commerce prices Archive of competing prices or resalers

Automatic price increases

Follow the prices used by your resellers in real time

Price monitoring dashboard

Instantly access an overview of prices. Rapidly appreciate the follow-up of your pricing policy in your distribution network

Update of prices

Reliable data, updated daily to analyze and make decisions

Automatic price follow-up

Automatically oversee the proper application of your pricing policy for a category or group of precise products.
Supply your value chain and monitor your network for arbitrage

Stocks of your resellers

Direct your business in restocking operations

Distributors’ special offers

Have information at your disposal regarding promotional actions of your resellers on e-commerce sites and marketplaces to lead your distribution network and analyze the discounts of your resellers

History of sale prices

Archive 2 years of price fluctuations in order to analyze the pricing strategy and anticipate seasonal price changes in your distribution network

Price change alerts

Stay informed about resellers’ price changes and continually optimize your pricing strategy

Export analysis of distributors

Download structured data with a single click and take full advantage


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