Maximize your margins by automatically following the price of your competitors, of marketplaces and of price comparison sites

• Identify your price positioning in comparison with your competitors and optimize your sales

• Detect drops in competitiveness or opportunities for price increases on your flagship or leading products

Business intelligence dashboard

Save time by ending manual price recording

• Analyze the pricing policy special offers of your competitors

Automatic comprison of products by Price Observatory: it matches!
Through a personalization of product comparison, the matching assistant can save you a lot of time

Price recording

Our product designed for e-retailers automatically records your competitors’ prices in real time.
You monitor e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and price comparison sites.
You will quickly take charge of the intuitive price analyzation interface. We offer a 30-minute training if you wish to explore all the features.

Market watch

With ever-evolving algorithms designed by Price Observatory, products are automatically matched by several criteria and prices are recorded and updated daily.
Price Observatory allows you to quickly follow changes in the market, competitors’ special offers, you can adapt your price, commercial, and advertising strategies.
With alerts, be responsive, maximize your margins and sell better.

We like complex projects and can support you in specific needs with our customized offering:
Price Observatory On Demand
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State of the art e-commerce pricing

Key features of the competition watch

Online price watch Analysis of e-commerce prices Archive of competing prices or resalers

Automatic price recording

Follow your competitors’ prices and your positioning in real time.
Dyamically adjust your prices.


Instantly access your price positioning, follow competitors’ special offers, and increase your profitability.
(Maximize your SEO/SEA investments)

Analysis of price records

Directly access desired information, overall views by brand, category, competitors or flagship products or leaders.
Cross reference several criteria: price changes, price positioning, new products, ...


Adapt Pricing solutions to your specific needs in order to access personalized analyses

History of sale prices

Study the changes in prices over the course of two years. Anticipate the effects of seasonality
Analyze the pricing strategies of your competitors (imitation, penetration, skimming, ...)

Special offers watch

Identify competitors’ discount rates. Stricken-through prices included in the analysis

Automated repricing

Define repricing rules, your prices are automatically updated.

Price changes

Get an instant view of price changes in your market.
Whether you initiated a change or you want to make a decision following a change in the market, you have all the information at your disposal


Stay informed about price changres, special offers, and detailed information about flagship or leader products.

Export competitors’ prices

With one click, download structured data in Excel format and take full advantage

State of competitors’ stocks

Detect competitors’ stock shortages

pricing data API

Automatically integrate price records into your operational and decision-making tools


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