E-commerce price watch

Analyze your market in real time
with your competitors’ or resalers’ prices.
18 million prices recorded and analyzed daily


Price monitoring solution
the most precise and reliable on the market *

Design the right price strategy

Price, the competitive leverage of e-retailers and brands.

We are proud of our original bots: they know where to look for the right information, no matter the site monitored.

Our engineers work ethically and know how to record the information without damaging the monitored sites or getting blocked.

It is this combination of ultra precide robots and talented engineers that make Price Observatory the most precise and reliable price monitoring service on the market.

* Price Observatory has been named an Innovative New Business.
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Simple and efficient
follow-up of your resellers

Verify the correct application of your pricing policy in your distribution network

Ensure your distribution policy is being followed: MAP policy

Analyze your reseller price positioning in comparison with your competitors’.

Access the state of your distributors’ stocks to launch your restocking operations.

Identify sales and stricken-through prices, price changes.

Access 2 years of price histories in your distribution network and their seasonality.

With Price Observatory, your price range takes shape over time.

You are able to advise and supply your distribution network with a coherent pricing policy allowing each party to create value.

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Automatically follow your competitors’ prices

Take back the advantage in the e-commerce competition

Save time with a price positioning analysis adapted to your recurring needs that is powerful yet simple to use.

Optimize your margin by identifying in real time products whose prices are dropping below yours, and the products whose prices you could increase.

Finished is the chore of product comparisons: a maximum number of products are automatically matched by our algorithms. All you need to do is send us your product flows and Price Observatory will worry about the rest.

Do you need optimal responsiveness? We consider this key factor of success to be in our very DNA. We rapidly respond to your questions. We react, if possible, within the day and at maxaimum within 8 days. For specific needs or original requests we will find the solution for you.

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Why choose Price Observatory?

SaaS service

You automatically receive new features at no additional charge. Guaranteed always to be operational from a simple Internet connection

Intuitive interface

Tables, graphs, and filters that you use everyday. It could not be any simpler: You’ve already mastered our tools. For the features that you might not know, we offer a discovery class to allow you to familiarize yourself and to alleviate any apprehensions.

Fast deployment of the solution

In less than a week, everything is ready: integration of your data, comparison with competing products, matching and adjustment optimization, prices analysis. The only thing that’s left is for you to logon to discover your price positioning and to adjust your pricing strategy.

Precise and reliable matching

Geek know-how, ethic and algortihms from scientific research. Price Observatory devotes 15% of its revenue to the continual improvement of its algorithms and to innovating developments.

Adaptable to your needs

Each price monitoring project has its own specifics. After a discussion about your specific needs, our engineers design a Price Observatory solution to meet the needs of your project as much as possible.

A friendly and hyper-responsive team to support you

We have opted for the sun of the South by opening our doors in Montpellier. The result: our batteries are always fully charged and we warmly welcome you when you stop in to see us.

We are at your disposal,
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