➔ Automatic price monitoring
➔ Analysis of your retailers
➔ Competitive pricing intelligence
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Sell better
  •    Monitor competitors prices
       Adjust your prices
       Optimize your margin
       Save time
       Earn money
  •  Price Observatory advantages
         Automatic solution
         Available in 24h
         Very precise matching algorithm
         Thousands of sites
         Compatible all e-retailer platform
         Easy of use
         No time commitment
         Attractive plans

Observe immediately your competitors prices
  • Analysis

    Precision better than approximative quantity to determine competitors and retailers pricing strategy.

  • Easy to setup

    Immediate setup and results
    Precise in product matching AUTOMATIC,
    Innovative technology

  • Analysis and action

    Detailed analysis or synthesis
    by product, categories, brands...
    Alerts, API, Rules,
    Auto price adjustment
    A daily use tool

  • Plans

    Competitive pricing analysis
    Plans without commitment

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